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Wear a  jewelry that reflects your inner beauty & makes you feel exceptional.   

 Artistically created, one of a kind, Exquisite

Handcrafted Designer Jewelry for today's Contemporary Women

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A woman’s defining accessories are her confidence & individuality. Invest in jewelry that emphasize these and make you feel truly exceptional. Be it at work or social engagements, imagine how ordinary you feel when you see another woman wearing the same jewelry as you.


At Priya’s Design 6, we pick only the best & unique semi-precious gems to delicately & painstakingly handcraft one-of-a-kind necklaces which reflect your enchanting inner beauty.

Elegance is the word to describe Priya’s Design 6 Jewelry. Whether it’s a earring or a necklace, Priya’s Design 6 offers unique, aesthically appealing designs, patterns and colors to choose from and that too in all price ranges. There’s something for everyone. Youngest client of Priya's Design 6 is a 5 year old girl and the oldest one so far is a 95 year old woman !

Most of the jewelry are very comfortable to wear. Someone even commented that it feels like a breeze when she wore them. We understand You !

We have clients who work and wear Priya’s Design 6 all day, Some wear them on special occasions/parties and some who just wear at home. Every woman wants to look beautiful before others or before her family or just by herself.

We listen carefully, and work closely with you to suggest and meticulously help you pick the piece that makes you feel exceptional.

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