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A woman’s defining accessories are her confidence & individuality. Every woman is undeniably unique, in her own, special way. Sometimes, we women, need a little extra help to emphasize our phenomenal qualities & that’s where Priya’s Design 6 comes in. We design jewelry that accentuate these virtues to leave you feeling and looking, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and truly one-of-a-kind. We meticulously design to create our product to AMPLIFY YOU!!

Design Philosophy 


Our design starts with the conception of the design by the designer working intimately with the artisan. The designer travels very frequently across the expansive corners of the earth, from Africa to South America and everything in-between, to discover using only the best & most unique semi-precious gems, from the selection of exotic gems, to initiate the design. We use only the select gems, which are in perfect harmony with the pendants. Once the design is conceptualized, the artisan handcrafts the pendant according to the design. The designer then provider an artistic touch to create an amazing, one-of-a-kind necklace to  be in perfect unison with the pendant. A heavy-gauge steel wire is predominantly used to create the necklace and the necklace is fastened with a unique clasp using a time-tested jewelry making technique to create a strong, reliable piece.


We NEVER compromise on our designs, whether it is to achieve a certain cost or to accept a lower quality in the interest of time. This, among others, differentiates us from the other “exclusive” vendors & mass commercial vendors in the market. At Priya’s Design 6, we pick only the best & most unique semi-precious gems to delicately & painstakingly handcraft one-of-a-kind pieces, to reflect your enchanting inner beauty. There is no other piece with the same design. Your jewelry is truly exclusive (we challenge you to find another).




Obviously, not all pieces meet everyone’s requirements - beyond design, we listen carefully, and work closely with you to suggest and meticulously help you pick the piece that makes you feel absolutely exceptional. We are honored to be your sherpa to help pick the “one” or more pieces that define you. We would love the opportunity to help you in your quest, please feel free to schedule an appointment with Priya’s Design 6 for your personalized session. 


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